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  Dr. Ashraf Hamed

Transportation and Traffic Consultant
Certified PMP Project Management Professional


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I am a transportation and Traffic Engineer for 23 years, working in development projects in eastern Europe, CIS, The Middle East and South East Asia.

Certified Project Management Professional
certified PTV Vision / VISUM / VISSIM

Currently re-located to Kiev / Ukraine

Speaks: English / German / Arabic / Russian

Developer of TRAX approach for routes attractiveness benchmarking

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In the past 3 years, have worked as an investment officer on TRACECA responsible for development bankable projects, prioritization of investment opportunities along the corridor and market the investments through two successful international investment forums on February 2012 and October 2010.

I posses a blend of qualifications and practical experience in International and European transport gained from almost 20 years as a transportation planning engineer with professional experience of road transport enterprises and governmental agencies, as well as being Team Leader and Project Manager in a wide range of transport consultancy projects funded by EU and IFIs.

Involved in Institutional Development and Capacity Strengthening, Policy Formulation, Regulatory Reform and Know-how Transfer, Database development and multi-modal transport planning during more than 15 years working in over 15 countries including Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia: on 6 EU and World Bank funded projects associated with accession to the EU access or alignment towards EU standards working with Government Transport Ministries as well as regulatory agencies.

Key strength :

  • Ability to establish dialogue and communication between recipients, beneficiaries and stakeholders on international multi-disciplinary projects; ultimately working towards consensus building.


  • Policy, strategy and legislative reviews, business planning and know-how transfer to both national and municipal senior Government officials levels over more than 10 years that included the introduction and application of international conventions and the establishment or refinement of road transport and information databases since 1998.
  • Team Leadership, certified project management and acting as an institutional specialist for large scale multi disciplinary, multi country transport technical assistance with excellent experience of practical transport work throughout the eastern CIS region and Caucasus countries since 1997.